We Will Not Be Questioned

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I often struggle to keep to a schedule in publishing comics. Usually, it means I miss date after date as I fall behind in creating comics.

The inverse is true with Schlock Works. I have sections of three comics done in advance, this comic published a day early, and every day I wake up to find news that fills me with an overwhelming desire to stick my head in a vice. I have ideas for a dozen strips I’ve written down in the last two weeks and will never write or draw most of them.

Each day, I’m presented with a new face of terror. Yesterday, that face came in the guise of hollow-eyed Stephen Miller, who uttered the words “… and will not be questioned.”

That’s literally the FIRST THING IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS. You know, the part that comes before bears and arms and well-regulated militias.

If you’re not scared shitless right now, you’re simply not paying attention. Those are the words of fascists, and that’s not a term I use lightly.