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Episode 57: Bitch of Thrones

Nick Hemsing
June 29, 2015

Brock and Nick are geeks, (well, just the same as everyone these days) and as such, they don’t only read the comic books they review every week here, but also consume other geekish media. This week, they take all the pent up geek rage they have towards one of their favorite shows and books and spew it out all over the internet. This is . . . (Nick hears drums as he prepares this) BITCH OF THRONES! In this episode, Brock and Nick delve into every Game of Thrones (HBO series) or A Song of Ice and Fire complaint they’ve... View Article

Episode 56: Rocket Girl and The Property of Hate

Nick Hemsing
June 8, 2015

Time travel a common basis for a sci-fi story. In this week’s comic book podcast, Brock and Nick look at Rocket Girl, a time-traveling teen cop (No. There is no typo there.) lands in the 80’s to stop a mega-corporation and beat up street thugs. Unfortunately, she does not save society from Yahoo Serious while she’s back there. The webcomic review for the week is The Property of Hate. A metal name for a comic about a little girl on an adventure through a dream land. There is some darkness in this still-going work, but it definitely wins in the... View Article

Episode 55: East of West and The Wormworld Saga

Nick Hemsing
June 1, 2015

Shotgunning podcasts like two just-21 year-old’s trying to prove their mettle with rotgut booze and a naked run though the complex pond, Nick and Brock try to get some reviews out of their system in this comic book podcast before that uncomfortable roommate meeting. Really though, it’s back to the grind. This week, Brock and Nick go back to the Image well with East of West. It’s a little bit country, it’s a little bit Man in the High Tower, and it’s a little bit (well not little bit) 90’s anti-hero. Is it worth a little bit of cash? Brock... View Article

Episode 54: The Dark Tower

Nick Hemsing
May 26, 2015

If Marvel’s new Star Wars comics were worth the time, that would be the series to get its own episode of this comic book podcast. Somehow, Stephen King’s series soaked up some serious talent at Marvel and, while Brock and Nick have talked about this series before, 50 or more issues are now available. Has the quality been maintained and, with likely 200+ issues left to go, what can readers expect to see in the future? Kicking it off, though, is George Miller’s new Mad Max movie. The internet exploded over this film in many weird ways. People claiming it’s... View Article

MSP Comic Con – May 16-17

Brock Beauchamp
May 12, 2015

Hey all, I will be at MSP Comic Con this weekend (formerly known as SpringCon), peddling my wares to geek nation. If you’ve never been to SpringCon, it’s a must attend event and it’s the finest comic book convention I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Run entirely by local volunteers, this convention is all about comic books. Admission is only $12 for the weekend and the MCBA (Midwest Comic Book Association) treats their creators better than any other convention in the world. The convention will be chock-full of local creators (including fellow members of the Twin Cities Comic Collective)... View Article