Nick Hemsing

Episode 89: The Last Jedi

Nick Hemsing
January 1, 2018

Brock gets sick for a month and a new Star Wars film releases in theatres. Just like every other person on the planet – for good or bad – Nick and Brock have been gripped by The Last Jedi and discuss their thoughts on the film at length… at great length. This is likely the longest podcast the two have recorded in their 4+ years of podcasting the CCCP. Many derailments, tangents, and completely off-topic conversations about Peter Cushing ensue.

Episode 88 : Battle Angel Alita

Nick Hemsing
October 2, 2017

Every so often, Brock and Nick indulge in a little nostalgia. Brock swears he was reading Battle Angel Alita in 1992 but Wikipedia says the manga was released in the US in 1995. Nick didn’t read the comic then, but watched the anime in 1999 (one of his first Amazon purchases). So, this week’s comic book podcast is a trip to see if nostalgia hides any flaws. Edit: Sorry for the inconvenience but the incorrect podcast was uploaded to this post. It has been corrected and should now feature the Battle Angel Alita conversation.

Episode 87 : The Punisher – Welcome Back, Frank

Nick Hemsing
September 18, 2017

When Brock and Nick say they review indie comics, sometimes that definition gets stretched. Sometimes it is also stretched so far that it is an almost unrecognizable rule. This week’s comic book podcast is less than indie. It is, in fact, very un-indie. It’s The Punisher. Why The Punisher? That’s because it’s Garth Ennis’ Punisher and with it comes a certain flavor and is heavily related to the movie and Netflix depictions. In other news, the Batman movie is still a weird mess that seems like it will eventually congeal into something and The Tick is still on their minds.

Episode 86: We Stand on Guard

Nick Hemsing
September 11, 2017

Nick and Brock dive into the new Marvel TV series to discuss the less consistent wing of the live action MCU. Of course, they also talk DC’s mirror opposite problem of somewhat more consistent TV and then thinking that making a Joker movie is a good idea. We Stand On Guard is the target of this week’s comic book discussion. Does this short allegory story deliver on its point?

Episode 85: God Country

Nick Hemsing
August 14, 2017

Restraint is a too often overlooked contributor to a quality work and this week Brock and Nick read a work that seems like it could have gone the road they expected, but . . . And that comic be God Country. They also catch up with a little bit of Spider-Man Homecoming and would also have loved to have been talking about the Dark Tower movie, but neither can quite bring themselves to buy the ticket.

Episode 84: Scalped, Wonder Woman, and Logan

Nick Hemsing
June 13, 2017

Brock and Nick were both nervously awaiting Wonder Woman’s arrival to the big screen. It’s now here, and it’s good so we can all just pretend that the cinematic DCU just started. Also, because they like to remain topical, Logan gets a quick review. The comic review for this week is Scalped from Vertigo. This week, Brock and Nick review Volume 1 but are going to come back to it again after they’ve both read the rest.