Nick Hemsing

Episode 82: Paper Girls and Scurry

Nick Hemsing
February 27, 2017

Somewhere within this comic book podcast episode is a conversation about Paper Girls from Brian K. Vaughan and another look at Scurry from Mac Smith. Yes, honestly, there is. That talk is buried somewhere between pizza and root beer floats. Paper Girls is written by Brian K. Vaughan of Saga fame. Saga has certainly been one of the favorite comics for many indie comics lovers. There aren’t any talking TV people, but this book is certainly not short on some outlandish characters. Nick and Brock took a look at Scurry back in episode and Mac Smith has continued his impressive... View Article

Episode 81: The Flintstones

Nick Hemsing
February 6, 2017

So Brock and Nick took a slight break but they are back! Ok, maybe not quite so slight. Somehow after this the long break from the comic book podcast, Brock decided to have them review The Flintstones. The suggestion seemed pretty weird but the world is petty weird right now and in this new, weird, world, The Flintstones comic is good and funny and scathing social commentary. It’s also by DC and written by Mark Russell who also wrote Prez.

Episode 80: Concrete

Nick Hemsing
September 19, 2016

Having covered most of the news they cared about in episode 79, in this episode Brock and Nick blather about random news, origins of Marvel comics and eventually just to annoy each other. They did fit in a review, though. This is another trip in the somewhat way back machine. Before millennials were born is probably “way back” at this point. When looking at the history of comics, though, a story like Concrete by Paul Chadwick is how, what we call, independent comics really started to break into major publishing. This story about a writer turned neigh invincible block of... View Article

Episode 79: Moving Bodies

Nick Hemsing
September 12, 2016

A new episode! Yes! Brock and Nick are still doing this comic book podcast. One thing is to be expected, when summer comes around, Brock will be a little scarce. In the winter, he has all the time in the world. They did bother to review a comic book while catching up on the various geeky news they missed. Evidently, Brock has friends. One of them is also a comic book creator. This week is just a single issue review with Moving Bodies from Chance Wyatt. Brock calls him Chance Oberlander, or told Nick this when he asked. So, Nick... View Article

Episode 78: Preacher

Nick Hemsing
July 11, 2016

The time has come. Brock and Nick have put off this book for long enough and it’s time for them to talk about it. Preacher. This podcast does not exist without Preacher, unless Brock found another co-host that likes comics and happened to name it the same thing, but Preacher is what got Nick into comics. There is no way for Nick to do proper justice to this book but seeing as it has a show (finally), it cannot be ignored. So, if you haven’t read Preacher, do so now. If you want a snarky tearing apart of this book,... View Article