Nick Hemsing

Episode 79: Moving Bodies

Nick Hemsing
September 12, 2016

A new episode! Yes! Brock and Nick are still doing this comic book podcast. One thing is to be expected, when summer comes around, Brock will be a little scarce. In the winter, he has all the time in the world. They did bother to review a comic book while catching up on the various geeky news they missed. Evidently, Brock has friends. One of them is also a comic book creator. This week is just a single issue review with Moving Bodies from Chance Wyatt. Brock calls him Chance Oberlander, or told Nick this when he asked. So, Nick... View Article

Episode 78: Preacher

Nick Hemsing
July 11, 2016

The time has come. Brock and Nick have put off this book for long enough and it’s time for them to talk about it. Preacher. This podcast does not exist without Preacher, unless Brock found another co-host that likes comics and happened to name it the same thing, but Preacher is what got Nick into comics. There is no way for Nick to do proper justice to this book but seeing as it has a show (finally), it cannot be ignored. So, if you haven’t read Preacher, do so now. If you want a snarky tearing apart of this book,... View Article

Episode 77: Lost at Sea

Nick Hemsing
June 6, 2016

Brock and Nick finally have a podcast in person! Ok, this is probably more of a novelty to them than anyone else, but it is the first time they’ve actually recorded in the same since they started this comic book podcast. You’d think this would mean a longer recording, but, for some reason, they only reviewed one book this week, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s pre-Scott Pilgrim, soul-searching Lost at Sea. They also had to talk about Captain America: Civil War, because you need the hot take of 2 indie comic reviewers that finally get around to talking about it several weeks... View Article

Episode 76: Deadly Class and Scurry

Nick Hemsing
May 2, 2016

Everyone reading this is lucky to have lived in a time when Prince was alive. Brock, as a fan and Minnesotan, talks a little bit about the passing of the man. Even though this is a comic book podcast, you can’t have someone like Prince pass and not feel it. In the reviews for this week Brock and Nick look at some deadly teenagers doing some teenagery things (ok, not all teenagers train to be assassins, but they can be pretty angsty) in another Image Comic, Deadly Class. Also, because Brock hates animals acting like people he made sure to... View Article

Episode 75: Bodies and The Mire

Nick Hemsing
April 18, 2016

This week’s comic book podcast is has very little mention of Batman v Superman and that’s probably a good thing. However, there is a bunch of comic book TV out right now so Brock and Nick talk about what they have time to watch (and what one of them doesn’t make time to watch but instead watching cooking shows). The volume review for the week is Bodies from Vertigo. A similar dead body popping up in different times in England’s past and future becomes a mystery for detectives with challenges of their own. The single issue for the week is... View Article

Episode 74: The Arrival and Batman v Superman

Nick Hemsing
April 4, 2016

Being a poor immigrant must be one of the most disorienting ordeals that anyone could endure. That would go double for those that do so because they are fleeing something horrible in their own land. The Arrival from Shaun Tan seems like an ernest attempt to convey that experience without words. Brock and Nick would argue it is more successful without them. Getting the nice, positive, review for this comic book podcast out of the way, Nick is a sadist who forced Brock to watch Batman V Superman. Yes, it gave WB more money, but the desire to drink in... View Article