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“Jump into Time Dick with Vivian Gittes and her one true love; the dark, seedy, and gorgeous America of the 1930s. Like so many before her, Gittes is looking for the final big score so she can wash her hands of the dirty work and kick back in the life of, if not luxury, at least glamour and style. All she needs is one. Last. Job.”

The first chapter of my sci-fi homage to film noir is available on Comixology for only 99 cents! This is the project I’ve wanted to do for a long time… I drafted the first high concept outline of Time Dick sometime in late 2012 or early 2013. While I’m usually¬†loathe to play into modern fiction’s tendency to self-reference (few things twist my soul quite as much as reading/watching a geek write about how great geeks are) which caused a postponement of this project for over a year while I mulled over what I wanted from the story. Ultimately, I decided “screw it” and went forward with the story as-is (plus one chapter for character development purposes) because film noir – particularly the hard-boiled 1930s/40s version) remains mostly untapped in the comic book world.

Why film noir? Because it’s awesome, duh. The dialogue is hilariously campy and fun. The characters are over the top and engaging. And film noir is right in my wheelhouse when it comes to storycraft; bad things happen and people die. It’s a hallmark (maybe the most defining trait) of the genre and something that intrigues me.¬†Why do audiences relate to bad people? Why do we cheer for them? And finally, why do we find satisfaction in seeing them receive their comeuppance?

It has been a blast creating this first issue (clocking in at 21 pages) and now it can be yours for the low low price of less than a dollar! Click the link below and give it a look!

Buy Time Dick on Comixology

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