It’s not a medical droid

Sony is leaking all over the place and the most interesting news to Nick and Brock, with regards to this comic book podcast, was the conversation between Marvel and Sony about bringing Spiderman back into the Marvel movie universe. Also, why do some comic creators have a beef with cosplayers?

Detective genre comics without some supernatural twist to them are pretty uncommon and Nick and Brock seem happy to have found Stumptown from Oni Press. In addition to being a well written and executed story, Nick and Brock do learn that finding people is pretty damned expensive.

Taking another tour through Tapastic, Brock found Tethered, a post-apocalyptic webcomic with robots (not droids) running for their electronic lives. This is nothing like Frank Herbert’s Dune, but somehow that gets dragged into the conversation.

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Links: Stumptown at Oni Press Tethered website Tethered on Tapastic
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