Not plucky. Definitely not plucky

It must be getting colder where Brock is because it’s two podcasts in a row! Brock’s going to peddle the some crap he hasn’t released yet and, as if by some magic, Star Wars isn’t mentioned once! Since this is a comic book podcast, though, these two very un-plucky podcasters get back to taking on two books this week.

First up we have The Life After, published by Oni Press. A fun romp through the afterlife with Ernest Hemingway sounds like the best way end Halloween weekend! Nick suggested this one after receiving it from the monthly trade delivery service Comic Bento. Picking books that just seem to be tossed their way may be the way to go!

Brock found a webcomic with stunning artwork to round out this week’s reviews. This one, Hanged Man, like few others, brings beautiful artwork and hopefully the story catches up with the presentation.

Filling in the gaps, Brock and Nick talk about the fall comic book shows they should be watching and the Preacher trailer that they hope meets their, probably, too high expectations.

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Podcast Show Links: The Life After at Oni Press Hanged Man website
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