Everything is Awesome

A new week, a new comic book podcast. Before Brock travels to Nicaragua and is ultimately kidnapped and ransomed back to his family, the CCCP crew decided to record one final podcast! They talk about yet another Image comic – C.O.W.L. – which started slowly and built momentum through the first volume. They also took a look at a new mobile comic platform – Webtoon – and read Jason Brubaker’s latest comic, Sithrah. If you’re not familiar with Brubaker, Nick and Brock talked about his first comic, reMIND, way back in episode ten.

In other more comic book-y news, Brock’s short story comic, Duplicity, is now available on Comixology for only $1.99!

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C.O.W.L. at Image Comics Sithrah at Webtoon
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