Androids and Nazi-Punchers

    The holidays always throw a wrench in the recording schedule but Nick and Brock could pass up talking about the dark spectacle that is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Put that right up against the Captain America: Civil War trailer and the contrast between DC and Marvel’s approaches is very clear.

    Near future stories are fascinating for Nick. Today’s feature review, Alex + Ada from Image Comics, should be right in that wheelhouse. The common sci-fi genre of humans experimenting and coming into conflict with artificial intelligence still has a wealth of territory to explore. Does this comic explore or retread.

    Who doesn’t want to punch Nazis? Brock frequently haunts Tapastic and found Captain Macbastard, a man on a hunt for the perfect beer. He just may have to punch his way through some Nazis to get it.

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    Podcast Show Links: Alex + Ada at Image Comics Captain Macbastard at Tapastic
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