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Time Dick Chapter 1 Progress

100% Complete!

Time Dick Chapter 2 Progress

20% Complete!

Time Dick progress

Brock Beauchamp
January 4, 2016

I’m 60% complete with the first chapter of Time Dick! The first chapter has been a learning experience. I’ve tried to mix up my style quite a bit, change my inking tool(s), and adapt my coloring style to a new format. It has been a… challenge. But overall, I’m quite happy with the results and remain on track to have the first chapter done before the end of January. After that point, I immediately flip over to chapter two and once that is complete, the first chapter will be available for purchase (only $.99!) on Comixology. So keep checking back... View Article

Episode 67: Best of 2015 and The Force Awakens

Brock Beauchamp
December 28, 2015

In this week’s comic book podcast, Nick and Brock reflect upon the glory and pain that was the year 2015. They pick their favorite and least favorite books and fumble around with words about each for a few minutes before deciding to once again talk about Star Wars. You see, like nearly everyone else on the planet, they can’t stop talking about the new Disneyfied and JJ Abrams-powered movie, The Force Awakens. Did they like the movie? Of course they did, dummy… But it’s far from a perfect film and they discuss it at length.

Episode 66: Prez and Heathen

Nick Hemsing
December 14, 2015

Star Wars marathons can wreck a person. Both Nick and Brock had one this weekend but Brock was smart and broke it up into a couple days. Nick started having a few drinks during the prequels recording episode early the next morning was, perhaps, ill advised. However, the show must go on! This week, Star Wars kicks off the show and you could bet your Boba Fett boxers that it will come up a few times in the next few podcasts. This doesn’t really need to be said but, wow, the prequels don’t age well. DC surprised both our pedantic... View Article

Episode 65: Alex + Ada and Captain Macbastard

Nick Hemsing
December 7, 2015

The holidays always throw a wrench in the recording schedule but Nick and Brock could pass up talking about the dark spectacle that is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Put that right up against the Captain America: Civil War trailer and the contrast between DC and Marvel’s approaches is very clear. Near future stories are fascinating for Nick. Today’s feature review, Alex + Ada from Image Comics, should be right in that wheelhouse. The common sci-fi genre of humans experimenting and coming into conflict with artificial intelligence still has a wealth of territory to explore. Does this... View Article

Episode 64: God is Dead and Lazarus

Nick Hemsing
November 16, 2015

Nick is a podcasting sadist. So, when Brock sends a text saying that the book he originally selected for this week’s comic book podcast is of less than decent quality, Nick did the only thing he could possibly do. Make that bastard keep reading the entire damn volume. In a not entirely unrelated note, this week Brock and Nick review God is Dead (and no one cares. If there is a hell, I’ll see you . . .). Hmmm. A Nine Inch Nails binge could be on the horizon for Nick. Well, suffice it to say, these not entirely unplucky... View Article

Episode 63: The Life After and Hanged Man

Nick Hemsing
November 2, 2015

It must be getting colder where Brock is because it’s two podcasts in a row! Brock’s going to peddle the some crap he hasn’t released yet and, as if by some magic, Star Wars isn’t mentioned once! Since this is a comic book podcast, though, these two very un-plucky podcasters get back to taking on two books this week. First up we have The Life After, published by Oni Press. A fun romp through the afterlife with Ernest Hemingway sounds like the best way end Halloween weekend! Nick suggested this one after receiving it from the monthly trade delivery service... View Article