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Episode 53: Black Science and Marvel’s Daredevil

Nick Hemsing
April 20, 2015

Image is still crushing it with independent comics and this week Nick and Brock fail to avoid them yet again with their review of Black Science. Also up for discussion is the new Star Wars trailer, AMC’s Preacher casting news, and the new darkity, dark, dark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (and Dark) trailer. Sci-Fi comic books a many elements to sell to the reader in a short amount of time: the world, the characters, and some idea where the story is going. If any of these fail in so much as the first issue, the series is going... View Article

Episode 52: iZombie and Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch

Nick Hemsing
April 6, 2015

There are many unfollowed rules for the CCCP podcast. One of them being that Brock doesn’t want to read undead comics and would prefer to not review them. This rule is broken frequently and much to the delight of Nick, who does not have that strong of an opinion, and also likes to see Brock uncomfortable. However, Brock picked iZombie so he can’t complain that it was reviewed for this comic book podcast. Unfortunately, again, for Nick, Brock picked it because he liked it so there is no particular thrill here. Vertigo presents this different, light take on classic American... View Article

Episode 51: Zombies vs Robots and Princess Leia

Nick Hemsing
March 23, 2015

Nick and Brock do try to like most of what they read for this comic book podcast. However, things just don’t always work out that way. First, though, the great amorphous mob that is the internet is was angry again about something. This time, it’s a unpublished variant cover of Batgirl. Does the anger match the non-crime? Also poking the Great God Internet with a stick is comic book writer Erik Larsen. He tried to boil down his opinions on character and costume design to 140 characters and that may not have worked out well too well. To clear the... View Article

Episode 50: Attack on Titan and Descender

Nick Hemsing
March 9, 2015

Nick and Brock didn’t think of reviewing many manga when they started this comic book podcast. However, they delve into high concepts in a similar way to many western independent comics. So, that brings the discussion to Attack on Titan where humans are trying to survive big, disturbingly peaceful, naked, people-like things that do nothing but try to eat them. It’s dark and bloody, but how does it translate? DC and Marvel definitely have different approaches to their movie properties and Brock would be remiss if he didn’t call out some BS, that Nick happens to agree with. Can DC... View Article