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Podcast Episode 46: American Vampire and Lilith Dark

Nick Hemsing
January 5, 2015

Brock’s highest praise This comic book podcast is ringing in 2015 with a bang; two comics that Brock and Nick didn’t hate. Maybe they’re turning over a new leaf? But first, it’s a little Ant-Man skepticism and Brock gushing about Frank Herbert’s Dune. Make sure to check out Brock’s Good Reads link since he’s taking the 52 week challenge. For the CCCP full volume review this week, it’s American Vampire published by Vertigo. The undead are not a favorite comic topic for either podcaster, but when the writers are Scott Snyder and Stephen King, many reservations go right out the... View Article

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid review: buggy, expensive, but compelling

Brock Beauchamp
December 17, 2014

I have owned my latest toy – the 16GB Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid – for roughly six weeks now so I can give a pretty good impression of the device: its warts, its strengths, and its oddities. The device in itself is somewhat perplexing at first glance. When plugged into a computer, it operates as a Cintiq 13HD with touch capabilities. Unplug it from the computer and it turns into a 13.3″ Android tablet running Jellybean 4.2. The two-headed nature of this device is what piqued my curiosity in the first place but ultimately, I’ve found myself using the device very... View Article

Podcast Episode 45: Stumptown and Tethered

Nick Hemsing
December 15, 2014

It’s not a medical droid Sony is leaking all over the place and the most interesting news to Nick and Brock, with regards to this comic book podcast, was the conversation between Marvel and Sony about bringing Spiderman back into the Marvel movie universe. Also, why do some comic creators have a beef with cosplayers? Detective genre comics without some supernatural twist to them are pretty uncommon and Nick and Brock seem happy to have found Stumptown from Oni Press. In addition to being a well written and executed story, Nick and Brock do learn that finding people is pretty... View Article

Podcast Episode 44: Witchblade and Wytches

Nick Hemsing
December 8, 2014

Double Image Image Comics has been the breakout publisher of the last ten or so years when it comes to non-superhero comics. No major publisher is printing as many new concepts and interesting stories these days. Nick and Brock sometimes have trouble finding non-Image books to review for this comic book podcast. So, as an act of pure childish rebellion, they go swimming in the putrid waters of 1990’s Image to dig up something that is everything the modern day Image is not. In the Shooting Gallery of Hate this week is the cheesecake work, Witchblade. The brain bleach of... View Article