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Concept art – upcoming project

Brock Beauchamp
March 26, 2014

I’ve spent the past several months writing projects, shelving them, and starting newer, smaller projects. Due to time constraints, I haven’t felt comfortable starting a 150+ page project and wanted to dip my toe in the water with smaller, more manageable projects while I position myself financially to work on longer projects in the future. Of course, once I get into a story concept, it’s really hard not to expand upon the idea until it’s a full-fledged story. Originally, this latest project was intended to be a 16 page short story that I could get in and out of in... View Article

Episode 35: Thief of Thieves and Stand Still, Stay Silent

Nick Hemsing
March 24, 2014

We can’t quit you, Image Since starting this comic book podcast about mostly non-Superhero material, Nick and Brock have had to go out of their way to avoid reviewing Image books from time to time. It’s been long enough since the last so this time a Robert Kirkman book is on the table. First, though, Nick saw Red 2 and read Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Also, believe it or not, a rationale exists for how webcomics are chosen for CCCP reviews and it’s time to talk about it. Yes! Robert Kirkman isn’t just the Walking Dead guy (He... View Article

Episode 34: Next Town Over and Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Nick Hemsing
March 17, 2014

Finding webcomic gold Nick and Brock went all web for this comic book podcast. First, though, the trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For just hit the web and here’s hoping it’s at least on par with the first. Maybe Frank Miller learned something after The Spirit train wreck, but on this project he is teaming back up with Robert Rodriguez. Also, Brock is back into the fold of true comic book geekdom. He has a pull list again at his local comic shop. Our semi-experienced podcasters know that eventually they are going to stop finding top notch... View Article

Episode 33: 30 Days of Night and Fisheye Placebo

Nick Hemsing
March 10, 2014

More undead but 100% more manga! Nick and Brock kick off this comic book podcast talking about business model of Tapastic, a webcomic destination with a large manga selection. The next part should be prefaced by saying that Nick is a Doctor Who fan. However, he goes at “The Stolen Earth” with a verbal baseball bat of hate. Also, unsurprisingly, Brock had to explain Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy and why Nick had never heard of it. They also manage to squeeze Baby Metal into the intro. Why not? Under the microscope this week is the arctic vampire story... View Article

Episode 32: BPRD and Moth City

Nick Hemsing
March 3, 2014

Fun with Nazis and 1920’s Chemical Weapon Arms Traders Brock saw HBO’s True Detective and now cant stop yapping about it. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson head this crime drama that one would think had nothing to do with a comic book podcast, but Nick and Brock are media junkies so the intro is a topical free-for-all. When thinking about BPRD, you usually think of Hellboy, but the hornless devil hero is absent from what we read this week. How the conversation ended up being as long as it was is anyone’s guess, but no one would have expected these... View Article

Episode 31: Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane

Nick Hemsing
February 17, 2014

There’s no sexism like 50’s sexism Kicking off the comic book podcast this week, Nick and Brock dive right into hot, current events and talk Man of Steel and James Bond movies. Nick just saw Man of Steel so he could finally stop repeating others criticisms. Really though, did Pa Kent get himself killed to save the family dog? Is there anything more redneck than that? Also, Brock went on a Bond bender and talks about which is his favorite actor to play 007. Yes. It was a slow news day. Even though the Preacher AMC pilot was officially confirmed,... View Article