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MSP Comic Con – May 16-17

Brock Beauchamp
May 12, 2015

Hey all, I will be at MSP Comic Con this weekend (formerly known as SpringCon), peddling my wares to geek nation. If you’ve never been to SpringCon, it’s a must attend event and it’s the finest comic book convention I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Run entirely by local volunteers, this convention is all about comic books. Admission is only $12 for the weekend and the MCBA (Midwest Comic Book Association) treats their creators better than any other convention in the world. The convention will be chock-full of local creators (including fellow members of the Twin Cities Comic Collective)... View Article

Wizard World Minneapolis – May 1-3

Brock Beauchamp
April 30, 2015

Hey all, I’ll be at Wizard World Minneapolis from May 1-3 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You can find me at a block of booths with my fellow Twin Cities Comic Collective members (tables C35-C45), peddling my wares and chatting up the legions of geeks in attendance. I’m only at the halfway point of Duplicity so while I won’t be selling hard copies of that book, I’ll have copies of the jam comic Alpha X on sale. As usual, I’ll also have a slew of new prints to offer, including the prints shown below. The show hours for Wizard World Minneapolis... View Article

Episode 53: Black Science and Marvel’s Daredevil

Nick Hemsing
April 20, 2015

Image is still crushing it with independent comics and this week Nick and Brock fail to avoid them yet again with their review of Black Science. Also up for discussion is the new Star Wars trailer, AMC’s Preacher casting news, and the new darkity, dark, dark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (and Dark) trailer. Sci-Fi comic books a many elements to sell to the reader in a short amount of time: the world, the characters, and some idea where the story is going. If any of these fail in so much as the first issue, the series is going... View Article