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Episode 64: God is Dead and Lazarus

Nick Hemsing
November 16, 2015

Nick is a podcasting sadist. So, when Brock sends a text saying that the book he originally selected for this week’s comic book podcast is of less than decent quality, Nick did the only thing he could possibly do. Make that bastard keep reading the entire damn volume. In a not entirely unrelated note, this week Brock and Nick review God is Dead (and no one cares. If there is a hell, I’ll see you . . .). Hmmm. A Nine Inch Nails binge could be on the horizon for Nick. Well, suffice it to say, these not entirely unplucky... View Article

Episode 63: The Life After and Hanged Man

Nick Hemsing
November 2, 2015

It must be getting colder where Brock is because it’s two podcasts in a row! Brock’s going to peddle the some crap he hasn’t released yet and, as if by some magic, Star Wars isn’t mentioned once! Since this is a comic book podcast, though, these two very un-plucky podcasters get back to taking on two books this week. First up we have The Life After, published by Oni Press. A fun romp through the afterlife with Ernest Hemingway sounds like the best way end Halloween weekend! Nick suggested this one after receiving it from the monthly trade delivery service... View Article

MidWest ComiCon 2015

Brock Beauchamp
October 28, 2015

For the first time, I’m going to be headed to Des Moines for the MidWest ComiCon (formerly ICON). It’s a two day comic book convention and here are the details: MidWest ComiCon November 7-8, 2015 Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center 833 5th Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309 I have heard only good things about this show and I’m looking forward to meeting new fans! I’ll be offering up newly-minted copies of Duplicity along with a few new prints (including the Captin Murika print listed below). I’m also offering cosplay discounts so if you’re in costume, be sure to swing... View Article

Episode 62: Bitch Planet

Nick Hemsing
October 26, 2015

Nick and Brock took on yet another Image comic in this week’s comic book podcast: Bitch Planet. This over-the-top satirical sci-fi book about the feminist movement doesn’t pull punches. What will these two plucky podcasters think of the book? Of course, the CCCP podcast wouldn’t be complete without at least one mention of Star Wars. Then again, it’s pretty difficult to escape at least one mention of Star Wars anywhere you go nowadays. Brock is excited to announce his newest project: Time Dick! You can find a link in the show notes and get sure to follow Instagram account to... View Article

Introducing Time Dick!

Brock Beauchamp
October 19, 2015

I’m super-excited to announce my next project: Time Dick. (stop laughing) I cannot state how much I love the absurd name of this comic. Time Dick, similar to most of my projects, is a science fiction comic book… With a twist. It’s a play on film noir, a beloved film style to which I’ve wanted to pay homage for a long time. I could wax nostalgic about the first time I saw Bacall and Bogart light up the screen in The Big Sleep but I’d prefer to keep this missive under 5,000 words so I’ll merely say “I really like that movie and... View Article

Episode 61: Ghostopolis and roomZER0

Nick Hemsing
October 5, 2015

Nick and Brock have reviewed children’s comics before for this comic book podcast but few and far between are those from which adults will derive just as much joy as younger readers. Ghostopolis has charm, but does it fit into that category? A dying boy visiting the afterlife sounds like a depressing story from Image, but this the first book they’ve reviewed that is published by Scholastic. They publish comics? Nick and Brock squeeze in a webcomic as often as they can and for this week, Brock found roomZERO on Tapastic. This horror comic takes advantage of some of the... View Article